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We have a WordPress blog at which all of us are free to use. However, many will likely continue to blog to their own blogs and this is why we will build a basic, flexible RSS aggregator/reader to make it very easy to follow any links, threads and discussions across domains in support of building the DOUG project. As Wired recently wrote “it's time for an rss revival


The goal is to make adding to the record and to usefully be able to browse and search it, so that we may come closer to escaping the ‘Bush Curse’:

Thus far we seem to be worse off than ever before - for we can enormously extend the record; yet even in it's present bulk we can hardly consult it.

Vannevar Bush The Atlantic Monthly 1945



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Over time, we aim to make the Journal system good enough to have the potential to have posts authored and reviewed and rated to the point where certain posts can be regarded as quality academic journal articles.