Initial Draft DOUG Initial Draft


The name ‘DOUG’ is an acronym for ‘dialogue for Online UnderstandinG’ and is of course a nod to Doug Engelbart who influenced us immensely. An 'audio glossary' is available on this site as a guide to some aspects of his thinking: audio glossary


This project is ambitious and it will take real work to gather the right requirements–let alone the means to implement it–so it will be worked on after we develop our own initial basic blogging collaboration tool Journal since the record of the work is as important as the work itself and therefore we don't want to be using commercial systems any more than we have to, since the companies can go out of business or change their data access at any point.







Criteria. The system must provide




Constraints. The system must






We will spend quality time working on what this should be and not simply rush into preconceived ideas of what should be built.



Inspirations/Initial Experiments: Dynamic Views


The Dynamic Views concept grew out of Liquid | Author but development has not started. If it is to become a Future Text project it would be released and Open Sourced as well: This will likely be a core component of the DOUG project but implementation and experimentation will be necessary to determine where they fit.